Festel Tanks Pvt. Ltd is the first Indian manufacturer to get the license to use the BIS Certifications Mark (ISI Mark) on GRP door shutters after their product found confirming to the standard IS14856

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FESTEL - Skytuch frp 5.5 m/18.04 ft Telescopic Pole With Tree Pruning Saw

*SKYTUCH made with FRP makes it more stronger and durable.

*When pruning a branch at a high position, the “SKYTUCH FRP POLE” protects the user from electric shock.

*Skytuch will extend up to 5.5 m and  it can retract to 2 m.

*Pruning Saw with steel handle & vinyl case. Length : 380 mm, Saw blade thickness 1.2 mm. Tree pruning saw can cut heavy branches in less time.

*Delivery at Door step.

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You save ₹1200.00
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FESTEL has developed a telescopic pole which is named Skytuch. This SKYTUCH pole is retractable, portable, extendable, and easy to carry. SKYTUCH made with FRP and connectors made with nylon are makes it more solid and durable. When pruning a branch at a high position, the “SKYTUCH FRP POLES” protects the user from electric shocks. Before using tree pruners, should fully tighten the pole connectors.Total extendable hight 550 cm(18ft). Also, have a tree pruning saw with steel handle connectable to the pole. You can also connect anything suitable to the pole to use in height, instead of the tree pruning saw. Skytuch is lightweight and easy to use. In every house, SKYTUCH is required.

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