The resilience of fiberglass, The beauty of wood

Glasud is a novel product developed by FESTEL exploiting the superior properties of pultruded FRP elements. Glasud sections have pultruded FRP outerskin and imported Wood inner core. The FRP outer layer has more than 50% glass and the same is manufactured under high pressure and temperature. Window frame and shutter can be fabricated by cutting the Glasud sections invarious sizes and screwd with wood screws. Care should be taken to ensure that all ends of Glasud are perfectly sealed.

Advantages of GLASUD Door Frames

  • Instead or rubber beading, FRP beading is used on Glasud windows
  • Ready to fix
  • Any paint, wood stain, polish can be done on Glasud windows
  • 10 years warranty for Glasud windows
  • All necessary accessories will be provided with Glasud windows
  • Glasud Windows can be fixed with L clamp or Screws
  • Low cost compare to wood


Features GLASUD Solid Wood
Torge withstanding capacity High Low
Expansion Nil High
Contraction Nil High
Washable Yes X
Moisture Resistant Yes X
Weather Proof Yes X
Termite Proof Yes X
Ready to Fix Yes X
Maintenance Free Yes X
Warranty 10 Years Nil
Paintable Yes Yes
Surface Hardness High Low
Ease of installation Easy Difficult
Cost Low High

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